This article is published in Arredamento Mimarlik Magazine July/August 2019 issue in Turkish

Orkun Beydagi 

Information is an entity that occurs in the relationship between the object and the subject and describes the relations within this duality. These relationships occur in different situations and forms, such as data, information, accumulated/acquired knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. In the article, the focus will not be on these different relationships but on the processing processes of the data and information.

Data and information go through certain elimination and classification processes during the transition to acquired knowledge. These processes, which are experienced for both archiving and instantaneous use, define the taxonomic relationships of information. The classified data and information begin to form a meaningful expression with this new state and are processed into the repertoire.

In the context of urban Information, the situation to be defined within the scope of this subject would rather cover the information of the program and related urban activities carried out in the city. From large-area zonings to single-person locations, the city will be viewed as a self-reprogramming entity with a holistic view into a systematic whole of programs.