DATE : 2017
SIZE : 100.000 m2

Clark International Airport, is a 8 million passenger per annum terminal, inspired by the Phillippinies architectural heritage and has a responsive design for challenging weather conditions. The terminal has a semi circular plan, increasing departure lounge areas per airplane. The main semi circle is divided with light belts, which emphasizes three main divisions of the terminal: the processor, airside concession areas and the pier. Roof design is inpired by the Phillipino traditional houses with long canopies. Processor area, which contains checkin halls and baggage carousels along with other landside functions, has slight openings for light penetration from the north. Roof is covered with copper that is a common local material.
Interior of the terminal has large gardens, reflecting tropical climate, especially on the arrival hall, which creates a welcoming atmoshpere for abroad Phillipino workers. Local materials are given priority in interiors, obtaining the sense of tropical climate with a modern twist.