Water, maybe the most known material -or we may just say fluid- in the whole system of materialized world, is quite underestimated and even deleterious in the modern construction system. We isolate the buildings as if using sun screen for our skin. Every rain is another damage to the building. Roofs have to be sloped and foundations have drains to take it off the circumference. It is not only the problem of dealing with water in building scale, however in the greater scale of city or even bigger geographical areas, built environments dismiss water (especially the systems of water-rivers) and cage it in canals or drains it. The very problem we encounter is that we sort of not understand how this very fluid behaves and therefore we are unable to foresee the consequences.

Water is a low-viscosity fluid (for sure relatively) that has the potential to spread around its container environment very easily. Whether it is a man-made box, a river bed, or an underground path, it interacts with the porous material in that environment physically and try to diffuse into every little space its molecules can spread into (under gravitational force). In this writing, besides the scientific facts we will be focusing on how to document the fluid behavior.

It is an animating system of how fluids react. It shows a process of reacting forces, creating boundary changes. Here one important aspect is capturing sequences of images from a water surface and recreating them to express the boundary changes under various force effects. Tracing images to reduce the clutter, expresses actual boundary lines in a still image. The sequential images helps us to grasp under what forces the boundaries are changed and also to document these forces as a separate layer. This helps to create a system that can generate new boundary conditions under the same force effects.

Line drawings showing actual condition of water, which later turned into surfaces are the basis of the project. A cultural institution that lays between Hudson River and the high line is formed by the animated scenes of surfaces. these surfaces in different scales reproduces Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory with the properties of today’s dynamics.